building for a promised future

The Bridge is stepping into a new chapter through the expansion of our church building and we all get to be a part through faith.

Just like Joshua and the Israelites in the Bible, we must be willing to go where we've never been before. We must remember God's promises, follow God's leading, and believe in miracles. This project is a testament to God’s faithfulness and our commitment to His vision. Here’s what “Wonders Among Us” entails: 
The green-marked areas are the plans for expansion.

Examples of God's faithfulness

Over the last decade, God has been faithful in many lives. Here are a few examples of God's incredible work.

project details

  1. Dedicated Spaces for Our Little Wonders: We’re creating and expanding vibrant rooms for our children’s ministry, where young hearts will encounter God’s love, learn, and grow. These spaces will allow for adequate space as our church grows. They will be filled with wonder, laughter, and the joy of discovery.
  2. Office and Storage Space: As we build, we’re also making room for practical needs. Increased storage ensures that our resources are organized and accessible, while expanded office space accommodates our current and future staff, fostering collaboration and efficiency.
  3. Consecration and Faith: Just as Joshua led the Israelites in sanctifying themselves before crossing the Jordan River, we consecrate this project to God. Our faith propels us forward, knowing that He is with us, leading us into a future filled with wonders.

Come along on this journey—a bridge from the past to the future. Together, we’ll witness wonders among us, as God’s hand guides this expansion.


You're invited to join this journey by contributing in two ways.

1. Through prayer & faith

As we begin this journey of expanding our church home, we invite you to be an integral part of the “Wonders Among Us” project. While financial contributions are essential, we recognize that prayer and unwavering faith are equally powerful. Pray for unity, wisdom, and God's provision. Just as Joshua consecrated the Israelites, consecrate yourself to this project. Dedicate your time, talents, and prayers. 

2. Through giving financially

Your financial contribution is an investment in God’s vision—a legacy that will impact lives for years to come. Thank you for being part of “Wonders Among Us.” You can give in person during our Sunday services or online at the link below. *Please be sure to mark your gift with the "Wonders Among Us" designation.